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Saturday 22nd August 2015

21-08-2015 12:07:00

Topic - A day in the life of Des....

Reply to: Pat01-08-2015 14:28:20

G'day Pat.

Sorry for the late reply.

I couldn't agree more with you regarding Lafai.
Look should've had his go but missed two NSW games due to injury otherwise I'd say Des would've used him.
Sam Perrett makes the odd mistake but his otherwise reliable in my view but I respect your opinion mate.

03-08-2015 19:06:02

Topic - A day in the life of Des....

Reply to: Pat01-08-2015 14:28:20

Lafai - NSW Cup
Tyrone Phillips - In
Perrett - Out
Loko - In

01-08-2015 14:28:20

Topic - A day in the life of Des....

I'll put it out there to all Bulldogs fans.
What changes would you make if you were Des Hasler for 1 day.

We're all a little frustrated at the moment and each of us have our view regarding the team.
Let's hear those views.

07-04-2015 12:58:53

Topic - 2002 to 2015

So here we are again, all and sundry ready to lay their boot into the Bulldogs. Whoever threw bottles at the game need to firstly be banned for life. I did read on the BDP over the weekend a comment saying a life ban was not a punishment but a blessing. Think it was ianC very funny comment and the best I read regarding this whole debacle.

Who really knows what the rules are in the NRL anymore. The players, the refs, the media, the fans or just a few people with mics and ear pieces who can call on obscure rules when needed. Not in every game, not in every instance, just when it suits an agenda.

Thurston was subjected to targeted hits and illegal plays over the entire period of a game yet it went largely unpunished. The guy was battered from pillar to post and the NRL turned a blind eye. Rules for some and not for others is a recipe for trouble. I will say I was always a Thurston fan even back wen he was with us and the guy is the most amazing footballer and also seems a very decent bloke, running out with kids onto the field and picking up the tee and handing it to them was him first.

We played the "play the ball on the mark game" against Manly so it took all interest out of the game. Did the administration view the game an say: That won't work just forget it and next round players can walk as far as they wish off the mark again. Souths are good at it and not their issue. if they get away with it, good on them. It is the NRL who are at fault.

James Graham was penalised, that is fine. Will it now be a penalty every time it happens in every game, in Origin, in the Finals and even 30 seconds out in the Grand Final. Probably Not, because it is at the refs discretion. Reynolds out for 5 months is not something James Graham would be proud of or intended and quickly called for a trainer. The guy is a total competitor yet all the media want is his head on a platter. Luckily guys like Ryan Girdler and even Alan Jones see sense and call it how it is.

The best thing is, now the NRL can ignore the real issues and simply imply harsh penalties against the Bulldogs players and possibly club. Though talking began the minute after the game.

Will the refereeing be fixed: No not now, not ever!!!

Crowds were down, interest low and then this comes along. Full media coverage, The NRL is of interest again. By who: The Bulldogs

I remember seeing kids at Dogs games being called disgusting things in 2004, was anything done? No.. The do good media did not want to know anything about it as there were false allegations to cover and spread over the tabloids and electronic media..

Other fans can hate us again, and who cares. last time that happened we won a premiership. I do hope Klemmer and Graham keep that fire burning though. Not to go out and do the same thing but if they keep that passion and harness it (which I am sure Des will do) it becomes power and used against the opposition will fire up the rest of our pack and if that happens. No ref will have any input into a game as we should and just might start to steamroll teams. We should have been further ahead so that the points from the penalty didn't matter and again Des I hope will fix the playmaker issues...

We are there again next week, depleted yes, but look at the replacements. Guys that other clubs would love to have. We have them and I am sure they will do the job.

On Loko, seems the guy needs a game of football and depending on the outcome of his latest stuff up he may make the most of a chance. Must be hard training and trainng with no chance of running on in a real game, so give him the benefit of the doubt, as he is still a Bulldog at this stage. Would love to see him get on the straight and narrow and get a game. He could be awesome in the backline and it would peeve the media no end as well.

This game stinks so all I care about is The Mighty Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs. I did watch every game every week simply for the love of the game..

I hope Des can turn this into a good old Dogs of War team. Like or dislike Folkes in 2004 he was supreme, after that maybe not so much, but the guys had climbed Everest that year and the pressure valve just seemed to be released.

I don't want one premiership from Hasler I want two or three. I want opposition fans to become sick of us and the NRL like most Dogs fans are.

Kebab Man
04-04-2015 10:36:23

Topic - Sports now tougher the NRl


Yep you can dive at the catcher, the ball is tossed towards you at 100km plus per hour and smashing into basemen or vice vers is allowed to enable you to get to a base or home.


Even after the tragic death of Phil Hughes bouncers are still allowed. Batsmen face balls delivered at 140km plus and stand and deliver, Short Leg and Silly Mid On face the prospect of a ball crashing into them, yet they stand there. Cricket is now tougher than rugby leage

03-04-2015 14:46:51

Topic - Loko Story

Reply to: Pat03-04-2015 12:15:15

Not as confident as you KM but by 4 I am hoping or if it is by 1 again would be just as happy

Kebab Man
03-04-2015 12:15:15

Topic - Loko Story

Tipping a win by 8 today

Kebab Man
31-03-2015 23:10:26

Topic - Loko Story

Reply to: Jimmy31-03-2015 17:12:54

Looks posts!!! Ok I am going keep him. Could be anything and if Des wants him, I want him at the Dogs. If Des decides not worth the hassle and offloads him, then I don't want him at the Dogs. In Des I trust

31-03-2015 20:08:37

Topic - Loko Story

Reply to: Jimmy31-03-2015 17:12:54

Loko - Bad,
Kasiano - Good

31-03-2015 17:12:54

Topic - Loko Story

Anyway Loko can go because we have Big Sam for 3 years. Great news I thought and how about that pass to Rona last week. 120kg + halfback who also smashes other teams forwards. Thought Trex played well too, just those 2 or 3 steps before hitting the ball saw how damaging he can be.

31-03-2015 16:41:58

Topic - Loko Story

Reply to: Jimmy31-03-2015 13:14:02

Good to see someone back NQ Doggy has been very quiet on the page. As for Loko I think simply for disrespect we should let him go. I was looking forward to seeing him somewhere in the backline as he can be really destructive but team and club first. So on ya bike as you don't have a licence and pedal off :)

NQ Doggy
31-03-2015 13:14:02

Topic - Loko Story

Just read that Loko won't be sacked by The Bulldogs. For me the guy was going nowhere at Parra due to poor rehab so we give him a chance at the Dogs, put time and effort into him and twice he has found it necessary to go get drunk and land in trouble. Should be cya later time. Then you have a guy (Queenslander so I am biased) like Corey Thompson who has grasped the opportunity at Belmore and seems to give 100% each and every game. These are thr types of blokes that we want, not party boys who show the club, staff, players and fans no respect at all. Rant over

26-03-2015 17:03:44

Topic - Tigers Game

okedokee then.....

26-03-2015 15:11:59

Topic - Tigers Game

As if I care Queensland Pensioner Dog. The Mighty Kennel has 20,000 members unlike the BDP and this page with what 20 posters between both of yous!

NQ Doggy
26-03-2015 12:02:32

Topic - Tigers Game

still like reading the posts on what is the BDP now Brett and like it or not Barba was an outstanding and popular player when he wore blue and white. He used to get the entire crowd standing.

He got bad advice and yes, he moved on but I for one am sad to see such a raw rugbly league talent become what he has. As for SBW that is another story.

If you were around when James S and Fender had the BDP it was a great page full of characters and a big part of fans way to cope during 2002 and 2004. Sadly posters move on, get older and change priorities but everyone is free to post what they wish, where they wish when they wish, within reason.

Both pages could do with more people posting and I think some might also prefer not reading your posts, especially when both pages are very small on poster and post numbers. I mentioned Darren B prior and he posted a lot as well but kept any insults out of it from what I remember and I say again he was a legend of the BDP.

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